Our Leadership

Welcome to the American Heart Association’s food is medicine initiative, Health Care by FoodTM!

With this initiative, we aim to address barriers to the widespread adoption of healthy food as a treatment for acute and chronic conditions and the health inequities that result. 

The American Heart Association’s Health Care by Food team leverages the full multidisciplinary strength of the organization to advance the future of food is medicine. In addition to our dedicated staff, the Health Care by Food initiative is guided by many of the foremost experts in the field. 

We are excited about the initial research grants we awarded to explore food is medicine options in health care to generate evidence and tools to help design and scale programs that increase access to nutritious food.

We are committed to advancing research, advocacy and education to improve diet-related health outcomes and reduce health disparities. Consistent access to healthy food resources is a critical component to achieving this goal.

Please join us along this journey!

Lisa Sanders

National Executive Director
Health Care by Food initiative

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, FAHA

Scientific Lead, Health Care by Food initiative
Director, Penn Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE)
Mark V. Pauly Presidential Distinguished Professor, Perelman School of Medicine and the
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

The Health Care by Food initiative is guided by the expert leadership of a Research Planning Group and multiple volunteer task forces.