The Health Care by Food™ initiative is designed to promote effective approaches to treat, manage and prevent chronic disease through the prescription of healthy food in the health care setting.

The initiative’s goal is to develop evidence on the cost effectiveness of different food is medicine programs for patients with health  conditions. We will use that evidence to educate stakeholders about the importance of patients with diet-related acute and chronic conditions accessing food is medicine as a covered benefit through public or private health insurance.

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Our advocacy efforts are focused on supporting and validating analysis of public policies that will result in an evidence base that supports broader implementation of effective food is medicine programs.

Along the way, we will help foster partnerships among stakeholders to develop evidence on clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness to inform decisions by private health insurers, Medicare and Medicaid programs to cover food is medicine as a medical benefit.

Policy Evaluation
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Policy Evaluation Task Force

The Policy Evaluation Task Force strategically assesses the landscape of food is medicine pilot and demonstration projects in state Medicaid programs, including the evaluation of Medicaid 1115 waivers.

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